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 CNY Long Distance Ride

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PostSubject: CNY Long Distance Ride   CNY Long Distance Ride Icon_minitimeSun Dec 19, 2010 1:36 pm

Hi Guys,

A few of us planning to do a long distance ride starting from 2nd day of CNY (04/02/2011). Ending date will depend on our end destination location with a few option as follow:

e1. West Malaysia to Thailand Rout

option 1 - SG - Bata Pahat - Melaka - Port Dickson - KL. For this itinerary, we will probably take 4 to 5days to cycle up to KL and stay for a couple of days for rest and relax or ride up to Genting Highland. Total days - 7days.

option 2 - as above KL plus - Jendaraty - Tai Ping - Penang - Thailand. will add on another 5days from the above so plus minus total days is abt - 14 to 16 days.

2. East Malaysia to Thailand Route[i]

option 1 - SG - Rompin - Kantan - Batu Lima - Terengganu - Kota Baru - Thailand. This will take approximately 14 to 16days.

option 2 - as above but we end at Trengganu. Will take abt 1 week.

The different between the east and west route will be....west- more place to stop over with foods, lodging, place of interest. East route will take you for a scenic, coastal line ride and something different from the usual Malaysia rides we used to do.

For all of the above, regardless of which route we take, coming back will be by coach bus. Lawrence had already gotten all routes plan out, lodging and etc....estimate cost is $300SGD for the 1 week ride and $750SGD if we will to shoot up all the way to Thailand.

The above information act as just a guide, in between we might just hop around places, unforeseen circumstances happen, natural disaster etc etc which may prolong the days and the initial planned.

As this is a long and tedious ride, please be sure ur well and fit before considering the trip.

Riders confirmed so far:

1. Lawrence
2. Guanster
3. CK
4. George (pending)
5. Amir (pending)

Guys, do hop on and join in the trip if ur able....we will do abt 100 to 120km/ day with a riding avg speed of 25 to 30km/h, so is gonna be abit taxing but enjoyable wan. cheers cheers cheers
More question or doubts regarding abt the trip, can contact Lawrence or myself or post here...Smile

Live Strong....Ride On!!!
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CNY Long Distance Ride
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